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2009-08-17 09:21:46 by Somedae


wah, forget any sort of video or dress-up.

well I actually have two dressups and I know the coding, but they aren't ng-worthy.

I'll just spam you with my arts from time to time =w=

'laterz <3


2008-01-13 12:50:01 by Somedae

I found a good song and a good concept, and I'm almost done the backgrounds.
It should be another month or so before I actually release it...bleh.

Eh? :)
I want to make a music video,but it looks like too much work.That and the music won't import >>

Well,I'm out.

2007-09-06 22:19:09 by Somedae

Sorry guys,but I do get discouraged very quickly,especially since my first submission was blammed in under fifteen minutes :|

So I guess that's no more submissions from me.

Also: No words of encouragement,please.I'm just that kind of person :(

Edit: I will improve my pikachu animation and re-submit it though.

Happy :)

2007-09-06 21:17:01 by Somedae

I needed an NG account since forever V_V

Very happy I got one,can't wait to participate in my first collab ^w^